Orphans with Arthrogryposis

There are kids with Arthrogryposis all over the world who wait for a family to call their own. Every child should have a Mama and Papa to love them. Sadly many kids will never know the love of a family as they will live out their shortened lives in institutions. The children posted here are from Reecesrainbow.com If you can't adopt, you can donate to their grants on reecesrainbow.com Don't leave them to die in institutions.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A new picture and an update on Alexis!

Look at how Alexis has changed! But oh imagine how much better off she'd be in a loving family! 

Alexis is almost 12 years old! Imagine being almost 12 years old and NEVER knowing the love of a Mom or Dad or siblings. 

She has arthrogryposis in all limbs. She currently uses a wheelchair to get around but that could change if she had access to quality orthopedic care 

Despite lack of treatment it sounds like she has adapted quite well to her AMC, she can feed herself and wheel her wheelchair on her own! 

She's been described as social, funny, friendly, easy going and quick to laugh


She is in a very good institution but its still an institution and is not a replacement for a family 

Could Alexis be YOUR daughter?! 

We need to find her a family VERY soon, she is 11 years old after all! 

Her Reece's Rainbow profile can be found here!

Large families and older parents can adopt her!

She is an Eastern European county 

If you're interested in finding out more about Alexis and how to adopt her email Reece's Rainbow

Doyle has a family!

This little guy has a family!! 

Meet them here!!! 

Meet Drake

Meet Drake!! 

He was just added to Reece's Rainbow

He is born in 2008, so he around 3 years old

His Reece's Rainbow profile can be found here!

He has Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome (FSS), which is a form of arthrogryposis. 

Kids with FSS have multiple joint contractures (arthrogryposis) plus other issues, like craniofacial abnormalities (mouth is stuck in a "whistling" position, which is why FSS is often called whistling face syndrome) 

Drake is affected by the AMC in all limbs and does have facial issues listed 

"Drake was diagnosed with Freeman-Sholden Syndrome at birth based on the following observations after delivery: the four extremities of the child were with difficult passive mobility, contractures on the elbow and knee joints, and the bottom extremities were in permanent abduction. Ulnar deviations of fingers of the upper extremities were present and characteristic crossing of the fingers and deformations of the feet. Spontaneous movements of the right hand are missing, difficult passive flexion in the elbow and wrist joints. X-rays of the right hand: doesn’t show changes in the covered bones and joints. Facial dismorphism is present in the child: small mouth with characteristic form, and furrowed chin." 

Despite being in an orphanage likely since birth and being admitted to a hospital a lot in his first 3 years for bronchitis and pneumonia he is making great progress recently!!

"Drake was in the hospital several times during the first 3 years of his life for bronchitis and pneumonia. He is healthy now and his development has recently begun to improve in all areas. In the past 4 months, he has begun to grab toys, hold them and transfer them from hand to hand. He is now moving his legs and rolling over.  When laying on his back, he scoots around, turns in circles and moves around his crib. He can stay upright when placed in a sitting position. He looks around and is very curious when placed sitting up or allowed to be out of his crib. He plays with toys and focus on them during play. He shows a preference for certain toys. He will knock blocks together to make noise when imitating staff members. He can mimic some of their actions with toys.  He smiles and laughs out loud. He mimics the facial expressions of others. He pronounces sounds and combinations of sounds and can say a few words. He knows the names of some of the adults that work with him. He understands everything that is said to him. He follows verbal directions. He is beginning to eat food from a spoon. When he takes his food in a bottle, he holds the bottle independently to feed himself. He has recently begin making gains in all areas of his development."

 He is an Eastern European County. 

Single Moms, Large Families and older parents are all able to adopt him

He is three years old so this a GREAT time to get him home to a family where he can get adequate medical attention and most important LOVE! 

Reece's Rainbow only has file for a short time so if your interested in adopting him inquire about him soon! Email Reece's Rainbow here

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Patrick's family are in country!


The Doloski family are in country meeting their son! Check out their blog here. Here's where their picture becomes a human being with his own personality and temperament. And in true AMC fashion he has a gift for technology. In his mom's words, "In the span of two short hours he: changed the wallpaper/background on my Android, took at least three dozen pictures between the Android and the camera, tried to send an e-mail to my friends Jim and Dorothy that contained the text "qwerty," set my phone up as a "wireless hot spot," and not only found Angry Birds Rio in my phone, but gave a very obvious cheer and fist pump when he did well." Oh my goodness!

Don't you just love to see these kids in families?! I love it!

Patrick is a year younger than Igor. I'd love to see Igor in family pictures and soon!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This is Igor! Isn't he precious?! 

He has been on Reece's Rainbow far, far, far, far too long. 

He is SEVEN YEARS old, he was born November 26th, 2004

He has arthrogryposis. The description says only affecting his legs but I see contractures in his wrists and elbows but they look mild! 

Can you imagine being SEVEN years old and NEVER, EVER having the love of a mother or father or siblings? 

He was likely given up simply because his limbs are different and in his country of birth this the norm

His story just becomes sadder though.....he was transferred.....to an adult mental institution....a place where he will become BEDRIDDEN for life because he can't walk because he hasn't been given access to treatment. 

Transferred to an adult mental institution means this harsh reality

He is an Eastern European Country 

Despite being in an orphanage he is described as loving and affectionate!! 

It is URGENT that he finds a family!! 

The longer he is an the institution the more likely it is that he will change for the worse like Ksenia has

Even if you cannot be his family consider making a donation to his Reeces Rainbow Account! 

The more money in his account the more likely it is that a family will commit to him and the less money they will have to come up with for his ransom. 

An adoption from EE on average costs $20,000 

He only has $95.00 in his account  

If you would like to donate to his account please go here to donate! 

If you think he could be your son but wonder what life after he is home will be like?!

Evan, Madeline, Aaron, Gerri, Cameron and Victoria all have arthrogryposis too and all were adopted from Reece's Rainbow and they have ALL blossomed and THRIVED in their new families!! 

Evan who is affected A LOT like Igor is now WALKING unassisted!!

Read whats its like to adopt a child with arthrogryposis, especially if you're unfamiliar with the diagnosis

If you want to inquire about adopting Igor please contact Reece's Rainbow!

Even if you can't donate to his adoption or be his family PLEASE share this blog post! The more people who see this the better!! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Isn't he adorable!!??

This little guy in waiting in C*hina for a forever family. 

He just a little over 1 year old. 

He healthy and cognitively on track 

He has upper extremity arthrogryposis 

He has been in physical therapy for 2 months 

He is pulling to stand 

Could he be your son?!?!?!

If you want to learn more about him see these blog posts: The gift of a home and still waiting

If you want to know more about how to adopt him click here (and then hit "contact me" to the right) 

I have upper extremity arthrogryposis (as well as lower extremity) and my arms looked just like his does when I was born but I got immediate treatment in the form of occupational and physical therapy, stretching and splinting. I have had just a few surgeries on my upper extremities because I have adapted  well to using my hands/ arms like they are. Despite the fact my hands are clubbed, my elbows no longer straighten out, my shoulders are severely limited and only 2 fingers and my thumb can truly flex I am able to cook, dress myself, bathe independently, I drive an unadapted car, I brush my own hair and teeth and I live 100% on own. 

So you see this little guy has a TON of potential if given the opportunity to be a in family and has access to medical treatment!