Orphans with Arthrogryposis

There are kids with Arthrogryposis all over the world who wait for a family to call their own. Every child should have a Mama and Papa to love them. Sadly many kids will never know the love of a family as they will live out their shortened lives in institutions. The children posted here are from Reecesrainbow.com If you can't adopt, you can donate to their grants on reecesrainbow.com Don't leave them to die in institutions.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Joel has a family!!!

In the most exciting thing I've ever done on this blog, I have news to announce! Joel has a family! My family! Go see our blog here!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet Tayron (domestic adoption)

Tayron is 11  years old and available for adoption domestically! 
Tayron is an outgoing and friendly young man with a great sense of humor. He makes friends easily and enjoys the company of others. Tayron has a quick wit and he impresses everyone he meets with his great personality and positive attitude. When he is not watching sports, Tayron enjoys watching “Hannah Montana” and the Disney Channel. Tayron likes going on outings, especially shopping and sporting events. One of his favorite places to go is Dave & Busters because of all the televisions available to watch sporting events.

Tayron has been diagnosed with Arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder that is characterized by multiple joint contractures and can include muscle weakness and fibrosis. Tayron is confined to a wheelchair and does not have use of his arms and legs. Despite his illness Tayron is like every other boy as he enjoys watching sports, especially the Philadelphia Phillies. Tayron even had the opportunity to meet and get autographs from Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins, two players from the Phillies. In fact, Tayron’s room is filled with sports memorabilia.

All families will be considered for Tayron. He is legally free for adoption.

See Tayron's picture and profile here:


Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Adoption Awareness Month!

To start out Adoption Awareness Month with some good news...

The word is out! Sandra's forever family found her! No news on the family yet, but we're excited to see her listed as found!

And "Patrick?" Well his name is now Joshua! And his mom and dad and brother and sisters are all excited! You can donate to his adoption here. His family just finished their dossier a little over a week ago and are waiting for permission to travel! Visit their family blog here!

Anastasia is just precious in this new picture we have of her! She's still waiting for a family. What they did to her hair is a crime! She is ready for pretty locks to match that pretty smile! Are you her mommy?

Joel is a darling little baby boy who needs a family. He just had his first birthday last month. Last we checked he had no interest from potential mommies, but he has had some interest in fundraising. He has over $3,000 in his account! That's enough to cover the cost of a Home Study--the first step in the adoption process! To help his fund grow, click here. To read a plea for Joel's life, click here. Are you his mommy?

There are more children with arthrogryposis who need families. Igor has been transferred! How horrifying! Leo has been listed for so long. Raymond has $0 in his account. We can fix that! And Victoria is so active despite having no walking therapy; she needs a family! Elizaveta was un-listed from Reece's Rainbow because they lost track of her whereabouts. And Laurel... 15 years old and still waiting for a family! I can't imagine. Alexis too! Eleven years old and still waiting. Gosh. And there's more.

But during Adoption Awareness Month we also want to point out the adorable children in wonderful families! Remember Madeline and Ethan (formerly Gabe)? They are in a wonderful family! Cameron (Jordan) found his forever family, and they continually pour out their happiness when they write about him. Then there is Andrei (Grady). He has a wonderful family! Do you remember that cute little baby Tasha? Well her name is Ember now and her family is wonderful! Little Victoria was not only adopted into a wonderful family, but her mom is the most hilarious blogger I know! And baby Henry (who kept his Reece's Rainbow name--love it!) is in a wonderful family! Then there is Bryson who has a wonderful family. And Evan's family! Just wonderful! (If you click on Evan's link you'll read the best blog post about arthrogryposis adoption ever!) And Sophie and Ben's family! Yes that's right, TWO kids with AMC! And Aaron's family! His mom yells from the rooftops about adoption! She directly led to Patrick finding his family! And look at all the family links on the right side of this blog! Wonderful!

Are these families wonderful? Yes. (Duh.) Are they special? Not really. They're normal, everyday people. What makes them wonderful is their willingness. That doesn't make them super human. But an everyday, messy, hum-drum family is one hundred times better than no family.  

I hope Adoption Awareness Month is bringing you to this blog. I hope you are encouraged by the ones who found families, and will think about supporting the ones who are waiting. But I feel I can't end this post without mentioning those who wait and wait. Their only hope is adoption. They go to mental institutions even though arthrogryposis is not a mental condition! They languish! Please pick one child with AMC and just spread the word about him or her. Donate to their accounts! Send words of encouragement to their parents. Let's join forces and get these children home! They don't need a huge home, lots of money or a specifically-sized family! They don't need a home that is super organized and spotless! They don't need the best doctors or schools! They don't need parents who "have it all together!" They just need a home.

Adoption awareness month. Life saving month. Kids with arthrogryposis make the best aditions to families. Please spread the word! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

give a child the gift of a FAMILY!

ever think about photography?
wish you had a REALLY nice camera? wish you could take better pictures of your kids and grandkids and dogs and cats? wish you didnt have to spend so much to have such a nice camera? well guess what! YOU have a chance to donate just 20 dollars to help bring a little boy home from Serbia. and in doing so YOU GET A CHANCE TO WIN AN AWESOME CAMERA KIT!!! camera, lens, bag, and more! go to
and donate so YOU can have a chance to win a Nikon D3100! kids sell wrapping paper for schools, and you could spend 20 bucks easily on school and sports fundraisers. you could spend 20 bucks easily buying a fancy coffee every day. but you really have a special opportunity here to spend $20 to give a boy a LIFE! and you could win an awesome camera for doing so! well? what are you waiting for? get on over and donate! lets get this little boy a chance at a real future in a family filled with love, instead of a cold sterile insititution where no one will love him as their own. 20 dollars people. thats all it takes. donate and you could win a camera! but if you dont you still win because you helped give a child the gift of a family! THAT is priceless.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet Laurel 

She was born born August 1996. Did you read that....SHE IS FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!!!!!!! And has NEVER had a family!!!!!!! Imagine being 15 years old and never having someone love you like a mother/ father does (I would like to think she's experienced some sort of love from some caregiver in 15 years bc my heart just can't take that the thought of her never experiencing love) 

She has all extremity arthrogryposis — and look at that beautiful smile!  Im guessing w/ aggressive treatment (a lot of it surgical because she is older) she has the potential to ambulate. 

She's already 15 years old which likely means she will become UNADOPTABLE at sixteen which is less then a year away! I'm guessing if she is not adopted she'll spend the rest of her life in an institution. 


Is she YOUR daughter!!! 

Here Reece's Rainbow Profile can be found here: http://reecesrainbow.org/laurel

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jack Needs a Family (Urgent!)

This message is from Kids To Adopt that originally posted on September 27th: "URGENT! Jack needs a family by next month or he will not have an opportunity for adoption - ever! We have a $5,000 grant available for him. Please contact our office if you are interested in info on this sweetie!"

Jack is seven years old and has arthrogryposis in his lowers only. He is fun! I would love to see him with straight legs and casted feet, walking around! Please inquire with the agency for more information.

UPDATE: I copied and pasted the information below straight from Kids To Adopt's website. Jack is from Russia and needs a family before moving to the institution! It's worse than I thought. Please help share his story!

Jack’s Story

Jack was born in November of 2004. He was born at 34 weeks weighing 4.4 pounds. His mother did not receive prenatal care. Jack is a cheery young boy with a sweet smile.


He has many disabilities including arthogryposis of the lower extremities, hernias, hip joint dysplasia, scholiosis and hemangiomas to name a few. This little guy’s legs are stuck in a criss-cross position but that doesn’t stop him from getting around using his upper body which is very strong. Jack is very small and will continue to stay small for his age. At 5 years 2 months he was only 26 ½ inches tall and weighed 22.2 pounds. We are not sure that they are measuring his legs in his height. Since he can’t straighten them, getting a realistic measurement on him is pretty much impossible. We have excellent developmental information. Jack has very good upper body dexterity.

His future is grim without a family.

Jack will never have the chance to get an education or the medical care he needs where they plan to move him. He will never get released from the institution so, this will be his life sentence! This special boy needs a family with a huge heart and a wheelchair accessible home so he can learn how to be independent. A family adopting Jack must have access to good medical care or a Shriner’s Hospital because Jack will definitely need some medical intervention when he comes home.
Contact us today if you are interested in adopting this sweet boy!

Click here to go straight to his page. Email Katie if you are interested! katie@kidstoadopt.org

Friday, September 30, 2011

Two Little Ones Available Through Holt International

There are two little kids with arthrogryposis available through Holt International.

The first is a little two-year old girl with what looks to me like amyoplasia, the most common form of arthrogryposis. She's affected in all four of her limbs. Apparently her family was not able to care for her and she was left in hospital care for over a year. Now she's a bit delayed in language, but can catch up once in a family environment. Her legs are in a good position for walking since they have the straight-leg contractures instead of the bent-leg contractures. She is said to be always smiling and always in a good mood. Click here to see two pictures and a short bio. (Child believed to be in Thailand. Unconfirmed.)

The second is a little five-year old boy with arthrogryposis affecting just his lower extremities (hips, legs and feet). The good news is that he received Ponseti casting for his club feet which is the best method. His first surgery was when he was six months old (probably the tendon release following casting?), and according to his bio he's had several surgeries. He is very advanced in his self-care including feeding himself, changing his clothes and going potty. Plus he is even walking a bit! Click here to see his bio. (Child in China.)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Anastasia - More Information!

The following paragraph was copied and pasted from Anastasia's RR page.

From one of our adoptive families who met her in September 2011: "The great news is that she does have rotation in her shoulders and some in her hips and also they say she does NOT have hydrocephalus! Her heart condition is basically that she's not active enough – her heart-rate isn't stimulated often. She had a brain scan that showed she is normal except for enlarged ventricles in the brain, which they did not feel should affect the function of her brain. She is very weak, though. She cannot sit on her own and they said she could hold her head up but when I held her her poor little neck could hardly stay up (I'm sure that would change with some p/t). They handed her right to my husband – a big guy – which frightened her, poor little Anastasia! They told us she liked music so I took her and sang to her and she calmed a bit but then still wanted her nanny. I can't tell you how much we truly WANTED so badly to take her home with us! She is just precious! But she has never been out of that room and will really need a family who is experienced with institutionalization challenges, and to help Anastasia LIKE the world around her!"

The great news you can take away from this report is that her brain is so much better off than her scary and vague diagnosis of "Other Specified Disorder of the Brain" would lead you to believe! No hydrocephalus, no permanent brain damage and no signs of FAS! This little one's biggest issue is being in an institution! Being in a loving family would eliminate many of her current challenges! What excellent news!

The hard part will be initial bonding and bringing her home. She'll need at least one parent who can be with her constantly at first while she learns to trust her new situation and slowly explore her world. Most Home Studies (the first step in adoption) will offer or require classes on helping children from institutionalized settings. There is much hope for Anastasia!

As far as her arthrogryposis, the weakness sounds like par for the course, as most kids with AMC have muscle weakness. Anastasia has never had any intervention that we know of so she'll be starting from the beginning. Of course she's only a little over two years old and there is still time for intervention to have a huge impact. Her muscles can be strengthened, and often naturally are throughout a normal day once she's removed from a crib in an institution setting. Remember kids in institutions do not have toys to play with or everyday stimulus that other children receive. I'd love to see this girl with a ball! A little time in a loving home with one ball will be what her core muscles need to hold that head up high!

Based on this new information there is no reason to believe that Anastasia would not one day be independent in her daily activities with good physical therapy and a loving home. If her shoulders are not externally rotated (if I'm reading that right) then physical and occupational therapy on her upper body will also be easier, and her range of motion may be greater. I hope a family finds her soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Update on Anastasia

Anastasia has been re-listed for adoption. The family that had committed to her found out only a few days later that their son is going to have more special needs than they originally thought. So after a heart-wrenching decision, Anastasia has been put back up for adoption. And Reece's Rainbow has moved her picture up closer to the top of the listing so interested families are more likely to see her. She also has quite a chunk of change in her fund due to the interest! You can donate towards her adoption by clicking this link: Anastasia.

From the family: "Please pray and advocate for precious little Anastasia - I have a lot to write about her and I hope her family will come soon as there is so much hope for her!"

We look forward to learning more about Anastasia since any new information about these kids always comes from other parents adopting out of these orphanages! Stay tuned!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Henry's HOME!

Henry and his Family arrived in the states last week!

Go see the picture of Henry w/ his Momma and his siblings: http://bringinghenryhome.blogspot.com/2011/09/home.html

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anastasia Has a Family!!!

This little love waited a long time for a family! The Center family committed to a little boy named "Wallace" (soon to be Zephaniah), but Anastasia, who was in Wallace's orphanage, felt like she belonged in their family too. They asked parents (who gushed) and Dr. van Bosse (who shared his vast knowledge) about arthrogryposis, and then decided to commit to her too! Right now the family is in country! Her mom says, "We meet her in 2 days - we hope to be home with her in a few weeks!" Exciting news!
They need our help! Please go here to donate to Anastasia's (and Wallace's) adoption. Every penny counts!
And click here to visit the Center family's blog.

Friday, September 9, 2011

New picture of Sandra

A new picture of Sandra and information has been posted!!

DOB: 2006
Diagnosis: Arthrogryposis

At birth, Sandra’s arms were in abduction, internal rotation with fixed flexion in the wrist joints. Her legs were in abduction – fixed in the coxofemoral joints, flexion of the knee joints and various situations of the legs. The Achilles tendons of both legs were elongated in 2009. She had one other surgery in 2010. She has been under the continued care of an orthopedic doctor.

This description and the picture leads me to believe she has the classic form of arthrogryposis, called amyoplasia, which means "generalized lack of muscle development" It sounds like and looks like her clubfeet have been corrected with casting and/ or surgery (but they may require more treatment once she's home) 

Sandra can sit with support and sit up on her knees independently. She crawls in her own adaptive way. She can stand up with support and move in a walker. She uses her hands like “tongs”, by crossing her wrists. She is able to pick up toys and other objects in this way. She can move all of her fingers simultaneously.

It sounds like her potential for independent ambulation is huge considering that w/ very little treatment she is already knee standing, crawling and stand w/ assistance! The way they describe how she uses her hands is very typical for kids w/ amyoplasia. Splinting, stretching and surgery will likely improve the positioning of her arms enabling her to be more independent. 

Sandra can talk and is described as “very communicative and inquisitive”. She is cognitively normal, and she understands everything that is said to her. She easily makes contact with strangers and is attached to those who care for her. She is the leader in her group.   

Could she be your daughter?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet Timothy!

Look at this adorable little guy!! 

 He has arthrogryposis in all limbs but only his feet are affected in his legs and he has limited range of motion in his arms.

Although he has a diagnosis of arthrogryposis he is a VERY independent six-year old.

He is from China.

If you're interested in reading more about Timothy or inquiring about adopting him please click here: http://www.anorphanswish.org/whos-who-wednesday-timothy-waiting-for-a-family

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Henry meets his family!

Remember Henry? Well his family just met him for the first time! And they posted new pictures!

He is so little (about the size of a newborn) so they look forward to "fattening him up a bit."

From his mom, Carla, "He is beautiful and I am in love."

Baby and Daddy!

They could still use our support! Right now Henry is struggling with bronchitis, and they are hoping he's released back to the orphanage so they can spend more time with him. They are also not 100% of the way done fundraising. To help, please visit their blog: Bringing Henry Home!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A New Picture of Ria


Meet Sandra

Meet Sandra!!!!!!

Isn't she adorable!!

She sounds like she has received STELLAR care thus far considering she is an orphan!

DOB: 2006
Diagnosis: Arthrogryposis

Sandra has had surgeries on both Achilles Tendons to straighten her feet. She has braces for her hands. She is under the care of an orthopedic doctor, receives physical therapy, gymnastics and massage therapy. Sandra can sit with support, crawl, and sit unassisted on her knees. She can reach for a toy and manipulate them. She can move around in a walker.

Sandra is described as "very talkative and inquisitive". She is alert, makes eye contact and is active.

He profile on Reece's Rainbow can be found here: http://reecesrainbow.org/sandra

If you think Sandra could be your daughter please contact: Reece's Rainbow

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet Ria

This is Ria, the queen of saying "cheese!" Just imagine this beauty with long, flowing hair! Ria is six years old, born April 2005, and available for an older child grant. She has arthrogryposis with no other stated diagnoses. (They put her condition as "congenital mutiple arthrogryposis," but that is just arthrogryposis, aka joint contractures.) Her description on Reece's Rainbow identifies her joint contractures as being in her shoulders, knees, ankles and wrists. So perhaps her elbows, fingers, etc. are not affected at all. She can stand, walk with assistance, grab objects, throw objects and go from sitting to standing without assistance! She could be a role model for some of these kids with arthrogryposis still learning to do those things! Ria is described as social, smart, self-sufficient, independent, musical and well-spoken. She would make an excellent addition to any family!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Meet Raymond

This is Raymond! This birthday boy just turned four this month (July), and he needs a family to give him a party hat and some cute glasses to make him the most adorable four-year-old ever! Raymond is in the same orphanage with Igor. His hands and wrists look good so they *may* not be affected, or at least not require a lot of intervention. As far as his lower extremities, with some Ponseti casting and physical therapy he's in a good position for walking and standing!

Besides arthrogryposis, Raymond also has optic atrophy (mild or severe vision loss, and possible trouble with colors) and he's cross-eyed. For support for optic atrophy go here.

If you can envision this little man with the cute glasses in your family (available to large families too!) please contact Reece's Rainbow.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Patrick

Patrick was NOT abandon at birth like most infants w/ AMC are in his country. Please go read Julia's Blog post to read Patricks sad, sad story and why he is now available for adoption.

If you think this sweet face could be your son please go here to learn more about Patrick.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Almost 16 year old girl!

Remember the almost 16-yr old girl w/ AMC who needed a family to commit to adopting her from EE w/ in 7 days? Well someone DID!!!! They have until Thursday to get the paperwork into our government PLEASE send prayers and positive thoughts their way that everything falls into place!


Ethan, Victoria and Ember are HOME

Welcome Home Ember!!


Welcome Home Victoria!!!


And she is doing great at home she has gained THREE pounds!! http://wronginalltherightways-travcat.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-reminder-to-remember.html

Welcome Home Ethan!!!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

15 yr old girl needs a family to commit in the next SEVEN days!!!

Please help! A girl with AMC needs to find her family in the next SEVEN days before she ages out and is sent to an institution! She is very independent in activities of daily living! Please share this! The more exposure she gets the more likely she'll find her family!!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They Passed Court

All three families who are in Eastern Europe over the past month have past court!!! They're all in there 10-day waiting period and then they'll start the paper chase so they can spring the kids from the orphanages and catch a flight back to the US!

Meet Victoria Rita

Meet Ember Grace Senti

Meet Ethan Ruslan DeVowe

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A generous person has offered to match every donation made to baby Joel's (his RR profile: tinyurl.com/4z9h4qe) adopting fund up to $2000!! & if we get to $2000 by the 13th the donor will throw in another $500! So even if you only have $5 PLEASE give bc it will $10! Joel is only 8 mons old! The more $$ in his account the more likely he'll be adopted! & we all no the sooner treatment for AMC starts the better! PLEASE SHARE THIS!!!!

Donate Here: tinyurl.com/4z9h4qe

Here is the blog post with more details! http://www.laeliasky.com/2011/06/09/my-thats-generous/

Monday, June 6, 2011

Understanding Arthrogryposis

This video gives a superb and easy to understand explanation of what arthrogryposis is.


Its an interview of Dr. Harold van Bosse from Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia, PA. He specializes in arthrogryposis and treats many of the former Reece's Rainbow kids who have AMC.

This video was done by Margarget Chaidez. She is making a documentary about AMC called The Sweetest Gift: Living with Arthrogryposis

Arthrogryposis Awareness Day is June 30th!! Wear blue that day!

They met their families!!

The three kiddos who I talked about in the previous have all met their families!!

Moira meets her Mom and Dad!


Please say a few extra prayers for Moira she shows very little emotion because of the conditions she has endured in the orphanage.

Ember meets her Mom and Dad!


Ethan (Gage) meets his Mom and Dad!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rainbow Kids

Rainbow Kids has a special needs section which can be found here!

They have about eight kids with Arthrogryposis (or other similar joint disorders) listed.

Here is their section on Arthrogryposis: http://specialneedsadoption.rainbowkids.com/Arthrogryposis_-_Joint_Disorders.aspx

Click "waiting children with Arthrogryposis" on that page and you'll be taken to their listings. You have to register and login before you'll able to see the listings

3 families Traveling in May!!!

Three families who are adopting kids with various forms of Arthrogryposis are traveling to meet their kids in May!

First up is the Ferrone's! Appointment on May 17th!

They're adopting this sweety and another little girl with a different diagnosis

You can follow their journey here: www.wronginalltherightways-travcat.blogspot.com

Then The Senti's appointment is May 24th!

They're adopting this cutie pie!

You can follow their journey here: http://addingasenti.blogspot.com/

And last but not least is the DeVowe Family! Their appointment is May 30th

They're adopting this handsome young man!

You can follow their journey here: http://www.hebrewselevevone.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Ferrone Family

The Ferrone Family are adopting these two cutie from Eastern Europe! Moira has Arthrogryposis. They leave in less then TWO weeks!!!



They could really use your help to fund the rest of this adoption. They still need a good deal of money before they leave to go meet the girls!

Click here for their Family Sponsorship Page on Reece's Rainbow!!!

Remember no amount is too small!!!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Alexis

This is Alexis!

Isn't she GORGEOUS!??

She is ELEVEN years old!

She needs a family ASAP! And she REALLY wants one too!

She is eligible to be adopted by LARGE FAMILIES and OLDER PARENTS (up to age 55)

She has Arthrogryposis in all four limbs and mild mental retardation is listed too (AMC and mental retardation are *not* diagnoses that co-exist very often so I am hoping this diagnosis is more a result of being in an institution likely since birth)

Thankfully she is an institution where is loved and has access to an outside aide organization but this is NOT a substitue for a family!!

Ohh someone please go adopt her! She reminds me of a little girl I met in the waiting room at Shriners Philadelphia, she too was eleven, has AMC and had been adopted from China.

Her Reeces Rainbow profile can be viewed here: http://reecesrainbow.org/alexis3905

If you think Alexis would be a great addition to your family contact Reeces Rainbow!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Two Families who are adopting little girls with Arthrogryposis are doing giveaways to raise the much need funds to get their daughters home!

International adoptions are very, very expensive. Ranging from $15,000-$35,000 for 1 adoption of 1 or 2 kids.

Most families do not have this kind of money just sitting around so they have to fundraise for the money and apply for grants and save ever penny to fund the adoptions.

If these families didn't step out in faith these little girls would likely end up being transferred to mental institutions in a couple of short years where they would very likely die of neglect, starvation or an illness brought on by the extremely poor environments.

The Senti's are adopting Ember (formerly Tasha) and they are giving away two necklaces. For every $5 donated your name will be entered into the drawing! This giveaway ends on March 31st.

Go here to read about how to enter this giveaway!! http://addingasenti.blogspot.com/2011/03/necklace-and-bracelet-giveaway.html

The Ferrone's are adopting Moira and Nastya (Nastya has Apert Syndrome) and they're giving away a DIAMOND RING, a necklace and a set of earrings. By donating $5 you'll be entered into the drawing (or $20 will get you 5 enteries!), by donating a $1 you'll be entered into the drawing for either the necklace or the earrings!

Go here to read about how to enter this giveaway!! http://wronginalltherightways-travcat.blogspot.com/2011/03/give-it-away-now.html

So even if don't have much to give, every little bit helps (YES even a single dollar!!) to get these two precious little girls home, where they will be loved and cherished and have access to medical care and by donating through these giveaways you could win something too!!

Meet Joel!!!

This cutie is just 5 months old! This is the PERFECT time to get started on that paperwork so that he could be home by a year old if not sooner! He has Arthrogryposis (I'm assuming all limbs as it doesn't say otherwise), convulsive disorder, hypotrophy, capillary hemangioma of the right cheek and back region. I am guessing by looking at his hands he has the most common form of Arthrogryposis, called Amyoplasia. Amyoplasia is a non-genetic form of Arthrogryposis (many forms of AMC are genetic) Arthrogryposis is very treatable and babies respond to therapy the best during the first year of life, so the sooner he is home the easier treatment will likely be!!


His Reece's Rainbow Profile can be viewed here: http://reecesrainbow.org/joel2501

If you think little Joel is your son please contact Reese's Rainbow to inquire about Joel and if you meet the qualifications to adopt from Joel's country!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moira has a family!!!!!!!!!!!

Moira has a family!!!!!!!!!!!


Meet Mercy

Mercy is a year and half and has spina bifida and joint contractures of her lower limbs (which makes it likely that she has a secondary diagnosis of Arthrogryposis). Her joint contractures certainly affect her hips as they're dislocated and she has what appears to be a clubfoot on the right and probably a vertical talus deformity on her left. Her knees also look affected to me but it could be how she is holding them.

From her medical records: Myelocele of lumbosacral part of spinal cord (spina bifida, had surgery); flail legs; optic nerve atrophy; congenital hips dislocation, clubbed feet.

Her Profile can be found here: http://reecesrainbow.org/mercy-48

If you are not in a position to adopt please consider a donation to her grant fund (click on her profile above and click donate, be sure to specify the $$ is for her!) She currently has ZERO in her account! It costs around $20,000 to complete an international adoption. Many families want to adopt and are more then able to raise special children like Mercy but they simply cannot afford the upfront cost of $20,000+ to get them home. So every penny helps!

If you think Mercy could be your daughter please contact Reece's Rainbow!

Meet Anastasia (4)!

Anastasia is just a little over 18 months old. She was born in June 2009. She has a happy disposition (which is evident in her picture!) and will blossom in a family.


She badly needs physical and occupational therapies and possibly serial casting and surgery.

Her diagnoses include: Arthrogryposis (I'm assuming all limbs because it doesn't state otherwise), bilateral (both) dislocation of her hips (this is part of AMC), hydrocephalus, unspecified heart condition, unspecified iron deficiency anemia and Retarded development following protein-energy malnutrition.

Please don't this list of diagnoses scare you away from making this beautiful little girl apart of your family. Most if not all of her medical conditions are treatable and her quality of life will be good w/ treatment!

Her Reece's Rainbow Profile can be found here: http://reecesrainbow.org/anastasia-4

If you are not in a position to adopt please consider a donation to her grant fund (click on her profile above and click donate, be sure to specify the $$ is for her!) She currently has $1329 in her account! It costs around $20,000 to complete an international adoption. Many families want to adopt and are more then able to raise special children like Anastasia but they simply cannot afford the upfront cost of $20,000+ to get them home. So every penny helps!

If she is your daughter please contact Reece's Rainbow for more info on Anastasia and the adoption process!

Meet Doyle!

Doyle is a two and a half little boy with webbed and fused fingers and hands. This may be a form of Arthrogryposis but considering there are 400 types of AMC I am not sure which type it would be and its possible his diagnosis is not at all under the umbrella of AMC but none the less he needs a family to call his own! I have met plenty of kids w/ webbed/ fused finger at Shriners and hand surgeons are very gifted in doing surgery on these kiddos. Although I suspect many kids learn to function beautifully with their hands as they are.

There are more photos available of Doyle!

From one of our adoptive families who visited with him in February 2011: "Doyle is precious, loves attention, very smart, loves piano and type of music. He has a smile that will melt your heart. Even though he only has a few fingers on his right hand he still grabs and holds things. He walks. Lovely Lovely child! "

If you are not in a position to adopt please consider a donation to his grant fund (click on her profile below and click donate, be sure to specify the $$ is for him!) She currently has $18 in his account! It costs around $20,000 to complete an international adoption. Many families want to adopt and are more then able to raise special children like Doyle but they simply cannot afford the upfront cost of $20,000+ to get them home. So every penny helps!

His Reece's Rainbow Profile can be found here: http://reecesrainbow.org/doyle-31

If you think Doyle could be your son contact Reece's Rainbow!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gage has lost his Family

Gage had a family committed to adopt him but due to circumstances beyond their control they can't bring him home (trust me that decision was not made lightly!) and he needs a new family to commit to him ASAP. Gage is 5 years old and an orphan in Eastern Europe. He likely has Caudal Regression Syndrome which has causes his lower limbs to have joint contractures.

If you think you could be Gage's Family please contact Reese's Rainbow ASAP!

Here is Gage's RR profile! http://reecesrainbow.org/gage-31