Orphans with Arthrogryposis

There are kids with Arthrogryposis all over the world who wait for a family to call their own. Every child should have a Mama and Papa to love them. Sadly many kids will never know the love of a family as they will live out their shortened lives in institutions. The children posted here are from Reecesrainbow.com If you can't adopt, you can donate to their grants on reecesrainbow.com Don't leave them to die in institutions.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Giveaway Winners!

At the start of this giveaway (April 24th) Victoria had $2,301.10 in her account. The end of April sees her with......................................... $2,713.60! Shy of the goal, but hundreds of dollars more than she had at the beginning of this giveaway! Wow!

As of April 24th Igor had $1,832.70 in his account. At the close of April he now has.................... $5,000! Igor met his Bring Hope goal!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now for the winners. We had a few people who had a lot of entries and won more than once. We just let Random.org assign the winners. So if you won two prizes we'd be happy to ship them to two different places if you want to give one as a gift! Thanks so much for playing! Okay we won't keep you from seeing who won! So exciting!

$100 gift certificate to the Tea Collection goes to: Jessie Hughes!

The coach bag ($169 value)  goes to: Brent and Loree Butler!

$100 Amazon gift card goes to: Carla Dobrovits!

$80 Amazon gift card goes to: Amanda Patterson!

$50 Restaurant.com gift certificate goes to: Jennie Bertke!

$25 Target gift card: Charles Wesley!

$25 Target gift card: Melissa Chang!

Beautiful handmade orphan's quilt goes to: Brent and Loree Butler!

American Sign Language cardboard books for kids go to: Diana Geist!

The 3 Pay It Forward winners are: Tammy Dziagwa, Charles Wesley and Julia Nalle!

If you see your name above please email us at bringhopeto12in2012(at)gmail.com!

And again THANK YOU!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Giveaway for Victoria and Igor!

As of April 24th Igor has $1,832.70 in his account and Victoria has $2,301.10 in her account!

Obviously we here at Bring Hope to 12 in 2012 love our Victoria and Igor (who we call Joshy). We want to see these two kiddos in families. (They do not have to be adopted together.) We want them to be rescued from the institution they are both in together. We want to see them get good medical attention (like the dentist!) We want to see them without shaved heads! Mostly we just want them to finally experience the love of parents. And in order to do any of that it's going to cost--for us, money; for the parents who eventually will choose these children, everything.

Not every suitable, loving home has thousands of dollars lying around to adopt a child. These kids are precious and deserve as much love and medical attention as any other child, but many just cannot do it without our help. But there's hope! Many generous people have recently stepped forward and put over $3,000 towards these kids' rescue. It is appreciated!

Our goal is $5,000 per child, and we only have six more days to reach it. We know of families who are interested in these children but cannot afford it. $5,000 in both their accounts would go a long way to help families considering adoption make it over the hump.

We put our request for help out there and had a great response from people who love these two little orphans across the ocean. We finally have enough to start our very first Bring Hope giveaway!


For every $5 you give to either Victoria's or Igor's grant fund you will have one entry into the giveaway! All donations are tax deductible through Reece's Rainbow. Just simply click on their names above to go to their donation pages and learn more about them.

But the more you give the more entries you'll get! (Entry system borrowed from Julia.)

$10.00 - 2 entries
$20.00 - 5 entries
$35.00 - 9 entries
$50.00 - 13 entries
$75.00 - 19 entries
$100.00 - 25 entries
$150.00 - 36 entries
$200.00 - 47 entries
$250.00 - 58 entries
$500.00 - 110 entries

If after you've given at least $5 you also share on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social network you will receive an additional entry!

You MUST either make a comment on this blog informing us of how many entries you earned OR you can email that information to bringhopeto12in2012@gmail.com.

Winners will be chosen using random.org on April 30th at midnight East Coast Time. (That's 9:00 pm for us California people.)

Prizes in drawing order:
$100 gift certificate to the Tea Collection
(Psst: The model above, Elizabeth, whose showing off her winter Tea Collection fashion has arthrogryposis just like Victoria and Igor!)

White coach bag with multicoloured coach symbols. Comes in felt bag. Never used. From coach factory store. Bought for $169.00. (Will be shipped to you from Ireland.)

$100 Amazon gift card

$80 Amazon gift card

$50 Restaurant.com gift certificate

$25 Target gift card

$25 Target gift card

Beautiful handmade orphan's quilt - $45.00 value
This quilt is a bit of a mascot for us. It's been through three giveaways for orphans, but the winners always have  hearts for orphans and pass it forward. It's never been used. The picture does NOT do it justice. We love our mascot quilt and hope it goes to a good home. (Note: Victoria and Igor are not in Africa. :))

American Sign Language cardboard books for kids.

Lastly there will be 3 Pay It Forward winners. These winners will choose a waiting child from Reece's Rainbow's waiting child listing. These children all have special needs and wait for families in baby houses that frankly don't meet the standards for day cares here in the US. The winners will choose one child each and a $25 donation will be sent to their grant funds. These children will also be featured on this blog to spread awareness.

Okay got all that? Ready... set... go! Happy playing!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Laurel has a family!!!

Want to see grown women jump around and cry their eyes out? Haha! That was the state of the Bring Hope to 12 in 2012 crew as we got the news! Laurel has a family!!! Laurel moved onto the My Family Found Me page just today! Laurel has $14,000 in her grant fund, which is over half of what she'll need! As soon as the family sets up their sponsorship page with Reece's Rainbow we'll let you know more about them! We hope to continue to support this family any way we can!

Congratulations Laurel! You get to have life, not death or abandonment. We're all so very happy for you!

<<<UPDATE>>> The family adopting Laurel now have a sponsership page set up! Welcome to the AMC family, Nate and Colleen Harlan! Learn more about them and donate towards their last remaining financial need here!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Victoria and Igor for April

Igor is up to $1,822.70!
Victoria is up to $2,296.10!

I know we usually do one kid at a time, but for March and April instead of focusing on just one child, we are featuring both children for both months. They are in the same place. They are both on our hearts. And we'd love to see them get families.

The Mulligan Stew was a complete smashing success! Both Victoria and Igor along with several other children benefitted both from the funds donated and from the exposure!

Our goal for April is to get both children up to $5,000 in their grant accounts. All donations are tax deductible and we are asking $12 for anyone wanting to give. If enough people put in their $12 instead of one restaurant visit or a few cups of coffee then these kids can reap the benefits.

But more than just seeing these kids reach their numbers, this is the month many of us want to see them with committed families. We're asking you share their links, share their pictures and help us find their families.

Thank you!