Orphans with Arthrogryposis

There are kids with Arthrogryposis all over the world who wait for a family to call their own. Every child should have a Mama and Papa to love them. Sadly many kids will never know the love of a family as they will live out their shortened lives in institutions. The children posted here are from Reecesrainbow.com If you can't adopt, you can donate to their grants on reecesrainbow.com Don't leave them to die in institutions.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Alexis' mom

Allow me to introduce to you Alexis' mom, Sherrie, who has written about what led her family to Alexis in the text below. If you haven't yet read Alexis' story let me say that Alexis is a young girl with arthrogryposis living with many other children in an orphanage overseas. She's the girl who begs for parents of her own. She plays mom to several younger kids and would thrive in a larger family. She does not have a great self image and does not think anyone wants her. She does not even know her family is coming for her!  

Sometimes finding the child you are meant to adopt is like a flash of lightening or a mountain top experience. But often it just fits and it just works out against all odds. Many of our AMC parents don't have wheelchair accessible homes, a medical background or rich bank accounts. But ask any AMCer, adopted or otherwise, and they'll all tell you: It. Does. Not. Matter. They just need parents. They need love. They need to belong.

We've asked Alexis' new mom to share a bit of her family's story with us. We can't wait for it to be Alexis' story too. And we hope you will consider going here and helping with the staggering initial costs of bringing Alexis home.

When I was a child God lit a fire in my heart for adoption. He did it through my mom who was never able to adopt but wanted too. It burned in my heart for a long time. Then God opened my husband’s heart and the flood gates started to open. Just one. We adopted one and for 5 years our house had 2 children. I was very thankful for that first adoption since I never wanted to have an only child.

For the first 13 years of my life I was an only child and I remember longing for a sister or a brother. God did bless me with 3 brothers when I turned 13 and I was and am very thankful for them.

Five years after our first adoption God opened my husband’s heart a little more and we adopted a little girl with medical special needs, a year later we adopted an older boy from the same orphanage. Two years later God brought us another boy and then God really shocked us and gave us a baby. Not only a baby but a baby with Down Syndrome and some pretty serious medical needs.

I admit I’m pretty blessed, so when my husband said we were done I didn’t argue. God wasn’t done though. Out next son, whom we are bringing home this summer, was my husbands idea. Yep, the flood gates are fully open. And then Alexis.

When I first heard about Alexis I knew she was special. I knew that about all my children but Alexis wasn’t my daughter. At least I didn’t think so. I advocated for her a family. I prayed for her. I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart hurting for her. Sometimes I felt like my heart was bursting for her and the need for her to have a family. My husband knew all of this and he too prayed for her to find a family. He was sympathetic but there was no way we could do two overseas adoptions in one year.  The cost alone can be prohibitive. We would also outgrow our vehicle, our house isn’t that big, the medical costs have to be considered and how would a wheelchair fit in our house? I mean really it was impossible to think that we could be Alexis’s family. But God!!

But God, once again changed hearts.  And once my husband knew that Alexis was his daughter there was no way we were going to wait any longer to go get her. She has waited 12 years for us and we will do whatever it takes to bring her home. She has waited 12 long years to have someone hold her, love her, tell her how precious she is (and she is precious). She has no idea that she is precious. She believes that no one would want her. Can you imagine if your child thought that?  She has said those very words and we want to take them out of her heart. 

We’re not perfect parents or people by any means but we plan to show her with all that we have how much she is wanted!! We will tell her a story.  A story about how God changed the hearts of two imperfect parents in order to bless then with a perfect daughter!

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