Orphans with Arthrogryposis

There are kids with Arthrogryposis all over the world who wait for a family to call their own. Every child should have a Mama and Papa to love them. Sadly many kids will never know the love of a family as they will live out their shortened lives in institutions. The children posted here are from Reecesrainbow.com If you can't adopt, you can donate to their grants on reecesrainbow.com Don't leave them to die in institutions.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet our focus for September: Tavin!

Meet Tavin!
Tavin is 21 months old and a doll!
Several people have already discovered Tavin on the Reece's Rainbow website and asked about him!
No commitments yet though!
Tavin appears to have joint contractures in his left leg. It's hard to tell if anything is affected in his upper body since his wrists look so good and all limbs are pretty straight!
For those of you familiar with arthrogryposis, we're talking easy medical stuff.
Easy transition since he's young.
Adorable kid.
It wouldn't be surprising if he had a family before this month is up.


  1. I saw him on the Reece"s rainbow site and have been praying and thinking about him all week.

  2. I was just coming to see if you had seen him. HE IS ADORABLE!!!