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Monday, June 17, 2013

Aubree Update!

***Updated on 7/10/13 to include more info from people who met Aubree. New info in parenthesis***


(Aubree loves to go outside and pick flowers! She also knows how to write and has memorized around 100 poems and songs.)

From a gal on a short-term mission trip who spent some time in Aubree's orphanage recently:

Aubree is a happy, loving, and well-adjusted little girl. She is popular in her groupa and loves to talk to people and attend the Montessori program at her orphanage. That being said, she is a child you don't want to turn your back to. She bites, pinches, and hits you when she wants attention or is jealous.  (Same gal adds later, "That typically happens when she is very excited. During our one-on-one time or when she was taking her classes she was very sweet and loved to show off her journal.") She is also very dominant and wants to have your attention at all times, which is difficult when there are other children in the room. ("These kids just have a short amount of time with their visitors and they know it and they crave attention so badly. This girl is a sweetheart and would be a great daughter. Dave and I were there for 21 days and had tons of interaction with the girls especially. She never did that [pinching, hitting, etc.] to me. They all really loved my husband." ~Jane)  While she is very smart, I believe she has some mental delay, though how much of this is due to being raised in an orphanage environment is unclear. She was thrilled when I told her a lot of people loved her and were praying for her, and in the right family she would thrive.

(I told her that many people loved her and were praying for her to find a family and the look on her face was indescribable. It was like "Really? People love me?")

I can't imagine having to vie for attention all the time! I can't wait to see this girl in a family who cares about her and gives her their time and attention! The missionary suggested that making Aubree the youngest child or only child in a family would make her super happy. 

I loved this update because the last update was so heart-breaking--Aubree clinging to a dad's hand (as he was adopting her friend), begging for a Mama and Papa of her own, crying for a family to love her. It's nice to see her relaxed and in her social element. She sounds like a goofball! And cheerful and happy and well-adjusted among her peers. And she pinches... which just makes me love her more. I don't know why. ;)

As far as the small glimpses of Aubree's AMC in her legs only it seems she has straight legs and club feet. They are small from not getting a lot of weight bearing. I don't know the condition of her hips, but I do see a dimple on her side that indicates that she is affected there. But I wouldn't put walking out of the question once those feet are fixed and she starts weight bearing! Her arms are strong and so she can transfer and is pretty mobile. Pretty much from what we do know it looks like she will be 100% independent one day!

Aubree has 13 months to find a family!!! Please share her file! Go here to learn more!

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  1. Great photos, great update! Praying for Aubree's family to find her soon!