Orphans with Arthrogryposis

There are kids with Arthrogryposis all over the world who wait for a family to call their own. Every child should have a Mama and Papa to love them. Sadly many kids will never know the love of a family as they will live out their shortened lives in institutions. The children posted here are from Reecesrainbow.com If you can't adopt, you can donate to their grants on reecesrainbow.com Don't leave them to die in institutions.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet Perry!

He will be TEN YEARS old on Dec 2, 2010

He is walking and can run but has gait abnormailities and he can even balance on one leg

He Sounds AMAZING!

"He is left handed and can feed himself and perform other self-help skills. He can draw and trace and is learning to write. At this time, he can write his name when looking at a model. The staff believes that he is capable of learning to write independently, he just needs more opportunities to learn. His communication skills are very good. He speaks in sentences, can answer questions and communicates his thoughts clearly. He can recite all the days of the week, but sometimes does not get the order correct. He can identify his colors and count to 5. He knows his first and last name and responds to them. He distinguishes between up & down and left& right. He identifies all of his body parts. He can put together a model of the human body without any assistance or prompting from an adult. He builds with blocks and can make patterns and build steps with them.His personality is described as a lively and cheerful. His attention span is short unless he is interested in the activity. He is well oriented to the institution and his living area. He is able to participate in all activities and has jobs that he does in his living area. He responds with appropriate emotions to situations. He is able to bond with adults and other children. He is described as a very social child and is well liked at the institution."

There are more pictures of him Available!!

Learn more about Perry

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