Orphans with Arthrogryposis

There are kids with Arthrogryposis all over the world who wait for a family to call their own. Every child should have a Mama and Papa to love them. Sadly many kids will never know the love of a family as they will live out their shortened lives in institutions. The children posted here are from Reecesrainbow.com If you can't adopt, you can donate to their grants on reecesrainbow.com Don't leave them to die in institutions.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Victoria has lost her family

I'm sad to say this adorable little girl has lost her family. The family that had committed to bring her home is now unable to do so

This sweet little girl is living in an institution in Eastern Europe where she isn't allowed to reach her full potiental due to lack of medical treatment & love from a forever family.

She is already 7 and a half years old & the sooner she is brought the better her mental, physical & emotional development will be long-term

Her Arthrogryposis seem to affect only her lower extremities & is clearly a "classic" case of AMC (externally rotated hips, flexion contractures of the knees & equniovarus (clubfoot) deformity of her feet) With the right medical intervention this little girl has the potential to be standing & walking assisted maybe even unassisted in a couple years time.

She reminds me a lot of Evan & look how far he has come with the correct medical intervention despite having severe upper & lower extremity Arthrogryposis. He was adopted at 3.5 years old from Ukraine!

If Victoria is your daughter click here for more information

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  1. She is so beautiful! I so wish I could adopt her, but I'm only 15 so I am obiviously too young, and my parents definitley are not going to adopt. My heart just breaks for her....